A Complete Guide to Types of Dining Room Chairs

Even if we don’t party often these days, a nice dining table and dining room chairs are still required so that people may have a decent dinner! As a matter of fact, since we spend a lot of time eating, dining areas are more vital than ever! Dining room chairs and dining tables are vital features of every dining area.

When hunting for OEM dining chairs, it can be tough to locate those that are suitable for your household, your restaurant, or your target markets. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the finest dining chair for each end-user.

The dining chairs overview below covers essential things you require to know regarding dining chairs, covering their perks, designs, production materials, and architecture. Let’s get to it!

1. Dining Table Chair with Arms

Dining Arm Chair

Source: Pinterest

The most formal alternative, these are a would-have-to for dining areas. It has a longer back and arms, including more ornamental legs. Thick cushioning on the seat and rounded armrests come with this style.

Their bigger size, which is commonly employed as a side chair, gives depth and detail to dining room settings. They’re a very elegant alternative that goes well with a much more orthodox look, but they also go well with more casual outfits. This type of dining chair typically has upholstered seats, which are snugger than hard materials. Dining chairs that are both comfortable and stylish are our favourites!

Materials and Price

Metal and wood are the two most popular armchair materials. Dependent on the general design style of your area, wooden chairs might be primitive or natural, or they can be simple. Metal-framed chairs are often more contemporary and industrial in appearance.

Chairs with simple wooden legs are less expensive than ones that require complicated carpentry throughout the production procedure. Since metal is simpler to handle w, metal chairs are often less expensive than wooden chairs.

The overall price of an armchair is dictated by age, design, manufacturing procedure, and usage. The price may start at $200 and above.

2. Upholstered Parsons Chairs

Upholstered Parsons Chairs

Source: Pinterest

The dining chair is named after the Parsons School of Design in Paris, and it has slim, basic lines with an upholstered seat. This style of dining chair is available in any fabric you can think of, giving you a wide range of options. They are one of our favourites since they can be used in a variety of styles—simple, orthodox, current, classic, vintage mid-century modern—you moniker it! These dining chairs are very comfortable to sit in and may fit into smaller dining rooms considering they don’t have big arms.

This style of parson dining chair can be seen in a variety of restaurants around the world, particularly those with a relaxed atmosphere.

When the seats are close together or there is little room, they’re simplified to offer comfort and simple access to the chairs.

Materials and Price

The prices of upholstered parson chairs vary based on the design, materials, and fabric used in the manufacturing process. We offer high-quality ranges and allow our clients to choose what makes them happy. The chairs are mostly made from wood.

3. Dining Side Chairs

Dining Side Chairs

Source: Pinterest

In the dining area, this is the most typical chair. They are available in a variety of materials and hues. They have a symmetrical back and four legs, with an upholstered seat. While serving supper, most of these chairs provide practicality, sturdiness, and coziness. They don’t have any arms.

One of the most conventional forms of dining chairs is the definitive side chair. They get their derivative from the fact that they stand on the “side” of the table, making them a “dinnertime mainstay.” Based on the type of dining room table you own, these sorts of dining chairs might be more informal or more formal. They come in a variety of styles, so you’re likely to find one that matches your own taste.

Materials and Price

Wooden Dining Chair Material

Source: Unsplash 

Wood, iron, plastic, vinyl, leather-covered chairs, and those with upholstery are all popular chair materials. Plastic chairs are available in a variety of sleek, minimalist designs that are ideal for tiny areas. According to their design, wooden chairs can be either classic or rustic. Wood is an adaptable material that may be utilized to achieve a variety of styles. You can colour-coordinate your dining area quite nicely with different dyes and coatings. Ensure the wood is robust and the chair’s joints are well-bonded.

Just like the varying materials, the prices of dining side chairs are different, based on the same aspects: Materials use, ages and upholstery.

4. Wing Back Dining Chairs

Wing Back Dining Chair

Source: Pinterest

Another type of dining chair is the classic wingback chair, which has a low back, curving arms, legs, and spread wings.

These chairs are simple to come by and can be utilized in numerous ways, including as lounge chairs or reading seats. This sort of chair is quite comfy, but not every room in the house has a corresponding piece of furniture.

A wingback chair is a great option if you want a comfortable but stylish style for your dining seats. This dining chair has “wings” along the sides to give it a unique appearance; it’s usually only used at the table’s head. For a more conventional and refined aesthetic, they are generally upholstered and filled with nailheads. These dining chairs aren’t suitable for messy youngsters because they’re entirely upholstered and often need a lot of maintenance.

Materials and Price

Dollar Bill

Source: Unsplash

Just like all the other types of dining chairs pricing, the manufacturing material, design, and manufacturing process are factors that determine the price of the wing back dining chairs. Moreover, the upholstering materials add to the list. 

While every retailer and manufacturer might tend to overprice, Keekea offers reasonable prices for the wing back dining chair and proved the highest quality of the upholstered materials.

5. Ladder Back Dining Chairs

Ladder Back Dining Chairs


The ladder back dining chair, which is typically made of wood, has parallel slats spread along the back of the chair. They make excellent informal eating chairs, and the slats give them a light and airy appearance. They look fantastic on a kitchen table and go well with more rustic and classic aesthetics.

Ladder-back chairs first appeared in the Middle Ages and were widely used in England by the 17th century, as well as in pioneering America. They were also reproduced by popular furniture producers by the mid-century, who utilized walnut rather than sycamore or maple and added ornate embellishments.

It’s a step up from the cross back, that’s why you’ll see it in informal dining areas and kitchens the most. You can, moreover, use this chair in your living area or bedroom because of its neutral appearance.

Materials and Price

As mentioned in the description, most of the constituent material used in the manufacture of Ladder Back dining chairs is wood. However, they are considerably more economical, although their prices are typically stipulated by the retailers based on the manufacturer, designer, and industrial lead time. 

6. Slat Back Dining Chairs

Slat Back Dining Chairs

Source: Pinterest

With a lofty back and a small seat, this is one of the most conventional forms of eating chairs. Slat chairs have multiple horizontal strips of wood running from one end to the other.

When painting or repurposing as craft projects, its style gives you some upholstery alternatives. It’s mainly found in casual dining areas and kitchen nooks because of its timeless appeal.

Slat-back dining chairs have perpendicular slats that are uniformly placed for a laid-back, charming look. This aesthetic may be dressed up for formal events or toned down for a casual appearance, and the dining chairs can be dolled up for formal contexts or dialed back for a casual appearance. They’re functional, with solid or upholstered seating options—a wonderful choice for informal dining and families with children!

Material and Price

Most of the slat-back dining chairs are made of wood with upholstery or without. Typically, the dining chair prices range from $200 to $1000. The price can be lower or higher depending on the wood that is used. The more rustic the wood is, the more costly the chair will be. Age also affects the price. Since ancient slat back chairs are more unique and hard to find and manufacture, thus more costly. 

7. Barrel Back Dining Chairs

Barrel Back Dining Chairs

Source: Pinterest

The barrel back chair has a bowl-shaped back and is usually upholstered in plush, cushioned fabric. Some of these seats revolve backward and forth, making them ideal for long periods of sitting, such as at a festive feast.

A cascading side serves as a fantastic armrest, and the chair’s complementing wooden legs that scrunch give it a sleek, contemporary vibe.

When you sit down on a barrel-back dining chair, you will sink into the bowl-like backrest. Some of these dining chairs can rotate back and forth, making them ideal for use as desk chairs as well. The padded chairs are quite comfy for extended periods of time and are stylish without being stuffy. These dining chairs are perfect for a mid-century modernist, minimalist, trendy, or industrial style.

Materials and Prices

The majority of barrel-back dining chairs are made of wood, with upholstery covering the curving back. The average cost of a dining chair is around $300. Depending on the type of wood used, the price can be lower or greater. The more rustic the wood, the more expensive the chair. The price is also affected by age. Because designer barrel back chairs are more difficult to source and make, they are more expensive. 

8. Splat Back Dining Chairs

Splat Back Dining Chairs

Source: Pinterest

A centre geometric shaped (typically square) contour in the back distinguishes this sort of chair. Many householders appreciate this style because of its distinct yet ageless charm, and it can be applied in practically any room of the house. 

It’s a basic but highly ornamental dining room chair that will quickly elevate your dining room’s style.

The centrally located vertical column on the backrest of these dining chairs is referred to as the “splat back.” These are normally made of metal, but they had a more gothic and English design in the past. Metal chairs are often lightweight, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor dining. These dining chairs are ideal if you want a sleek, industrial-chic aesthetic for your dining room, and they’re also very easy to maintain.

Material and Price

The majority of Splat back dining chairs are composed of wood with upholstered seating. The average cost of a dining chair is around $250. Based on the type of wood used, the price can be lesser or greater. The more rustic the wood, the more expensive the chair. The price is also affected by age. Antique splat back chairs are more expensive since they are rare and difficult to source and build.

9. Cross Back(X back) Dining Chairs

Cross Back Dining Chairs

Source: Pinterest

The cross-back chair has an x-shaped pattern on the back for an open and light aspect that differs from ladder chairs or solidly backed chairs.

They make a terrific dining chair for a naturalistic and antique dining area with their curving legs and rattan seats. Cross back chairs, which are usually constructed of wood, are also available as classic and contemporary accents for a dining area.

These dining chairs are durable, and their solid wood design allows them to support more mass than other sorts of dining seats.

These dining chairs come in a variety of styles, including cafe chairs, rustic chairs, and trendy chairs. It’s ideal for a more formal dining area with a more stylish style. These dining chairs are often made of wood, making them child-friendly and simple to clean!

Materials and Price

The cross back dining chairs are created from wood and metal, with upholstered seating. A dining chair will set you back about $200 on average. The price may be lower or more depending on the type of material utilized.

10. Lattice Back Dining Room Chairs

Lattice Back Dining Room Chairs

Source: Pinterest

The back of this chair is sturdy with diagonal rods. It’s a step up from the cross back, which is why you’ll see it in informal dining areas and kitchens the most.

You can also use this chair in the living area or bedroom because of its neutral appearance.

Materials and price

Hardwood and plywood are the main materials used to make lattice back dining room chairs. Their prices begin from $150 and could go up to $800 depending on the design and unique specifications you want your chair to have.

11. Windsor Dining Chairs

Windsor Dining Chairs

Source: Pinterest

The Windsor Dining Chair is based on styles from the early English period. These dining chairs have a half-circle back with perpendicular slats or rods supporting it, as well as spindle legs. Antique, classic, and vintage styling all look amazing with these dining chairs!

The Windsor chair was designed by English furniture craftsmen in the English town of Windsor circa 1710.

The Windsor dining chair is made of wood, with several thin, carved spindles forming the back and sides. For added coziness, the spindles are attached to a solid oak seat with a small, round depression.

A Windsor chair’s rear leans back substantially, and the straight legs, which are commonly spindles, extend out at an angle. Windsor chairs work well in traditional, rustic, and vintage settings.

Materials and Price

Person taking Measurements of wood

Source: Unsplash

Windsor dining chairs are manufactured from wood. In most cases, the prices of a dining chair vary, with the producer being the most important element. Based on the type of wood utilized, the price can be lower or greater. The more rustic the wood, the more expensive the chair. The price is also affected by age. Because antique Windsor chairs are more unique and difficult to locate and make, they are more expensive.

12. Slope Dining Chairs

Slope Dining Chair

Source: Pinterest

For maximum coziness, the slope dining chair has a broad seat and a shallow sloped rear. An upholstered seat in practically any fabric, including leather or synthetic leather, is featured in the elegant design.

The opulent design complements contemporary rustic or industrialized interior decor. An exposed back is available on some sloped dining chairs.

The Slope dining chair has a basic shape and is cool and elegant. The faux leather is easy to clean, making them suitable for both children and pets.

Materials and Price

The slope dining chairs are designed with metallic legs that are unique. They can be curved with an adjoining joint. The prices vary significantly. 

13. Wishbone Dining Chairs

Wishbone Dining Chairs

Source: Pinterest

Hans Wegner created the Wishbone chair in 1949, which has bentwood armrests and a woven paper string seat. The backrest is in the shape of a wishbone, and the chair is commonly known as a Y chair.

Wegner, a Danish furniture designer, rose to prominence as the most prominent mid-century designer because of its elegant, ergonomic chair design with its hardwood frame and woven seat.

The seats are likewise upholstered, and this unique dining chair complements a variety of decorating styles, including utilitarian, eclectic, and bohemian.

Material and price

They are mainly made from wood, and the prices are quite high, with some costing at least a couple of thousand dollars.

14. Cantilever Dining Chairs

Cantilever Dining Chairs

Source: Pinterest

The cantilever chair is one of the most modern dining chairs. In the 1920s, this odd chair made its debut on the furniture market.

It is supported by a single tubular piece of metal fashioned into a double L, rather than four legs, which allows for a moderate bounce when in use.

Cantilever dining chairs are a perfect match for contemporary dining rooms. The seats and backs are padded for added comfort, and the high back provides excellent support. Cantilever chairs are strong and long-lasting, despite their small weight.

The flexible design of these dining chairs lends them a “pliable” quality. They can be upholstered or plain, with caning being a popular choice. They go well with a variety of styles, including industrial and mid-century modernism.

Materials and Price

These chairs are usually made of metal. Their price ranges from $300 to $1000 depending on the upholstering material.

15. Foldable Dining Chairs

Foldable Dining Chair

Source: Pinterest

Folding chairs do exactly that. When extra seating is needed for most dining situations, folding chairs are used as spare side seats. When not in use, folding chairs fold up and can be stored easily. Folding chairs are not commonly used in everyday dining situations.

Folding chairs are noted for their sturdiness, mobility, and ease of storage, and they are frequently the only alternative available.

There are a variety of foldable chair styles available on the market. Based on how you utilize them, they can be utilized both indoors and outdoors.

Materials and Price

In most cases, they are either made of metal or wood, with the seating area either upholstered or not. The prices are unique to many stores, with an average of about 50 to 100 bucks.

16. Dining Room Benches

Dining Room Bench

Source: Pinterest

The bench dining chair is a chair with no back and usually no armrests. In a tiny dining area with limited space, a bench chair is ideal.

These handy chairs can be slid beneath the table for the store when not in use. Bench dining chairs make it easy to draw out the ones required at the moment when utilizing the dining table.

Bench dining chairs are normally composed of wood with an upholstered top seat and come in a variety of shapes and lengths.

Materials and Price

Dining benches are either made from metal or wood. Their prices are quite affordable.


Here is the greatest choice for a dining chair material to round out chair seat materials and coverings. Although wood is a difficult surface to sit on for long periods of time, its richness and visual features add to the elegance of dining chairs. Wood is adaptable since there are so many stain colours to choose from. Obviously, you want options to choose from. That is why we specialize in everything. We give out customers what they ask for. Contact us and let us be your dining room solution. We have an experienced team that works around the clock to ensure optimal delivery.

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